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We want to welcome you to informaticabarrata.com a reference store in computer, telephony and electronics for thousands of spanish and european users. Our website focuses on the sale to the end customer of consumer and home electronics product. 100% new products with a European guarantee.



Our entire product catalog is updated in real time so the product you're looking at is available for shipment. You can find more information about our shipping policy clicking on this link.


We have different storage points and partners at European level to offer an optimal and safe delivery service for both collection and delivery. The delivery time you see on each product is the one we commit to so that this product is at the delivery address that the customer has selected.


As a company in the European Union, we are subject to EU online sales and consumer law regulations. The European Union through Articles 114 and 169 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) 'ensures that all consumers in the Union —wherever they reside, travel or shop in the Union— enjoy a high common level of protection against risks and threats to their security and economic interests, and enhances the ability of consumers to defend their own interests'. You can check more information about your rights on this link.


We always want to offer fast, up-to-date and easy-to-use contact forms; we currently have direct phone or WhatsApp to deal with any commercial questions before the sale. You can also use e-mail outside business hours for all kinds of pre- and post-sale inquiries. If you prefer, you can also contact us from contact form or from your customer area. All communications will be handled in your local language.


The aim is to offer you a personalized, fast and close treatment before, during and after your purchase. Your shopping experience should always be satisfactory and if it is we want you to be able to contact us quickly and directly.


As a form of payment currently available; secure payment gateway for credit or debit card, bank transfer, bizum (only for Spain), against refund and financing of the purchase through CetelemYou can find out more about our payment methods clicking on this link.


Our website contains all the standards required by national and European regulations on security, data protection and cookies.

When you shop at informaticabarata.com you know that you are buying from a European company covered by the same local, provincial or state laws and obligations as in your region.

In the event of any disagreement, the European Commission provides a dispute resolution platform for any European consumer. You can find more information on the litigation platform on the European Commission's website, by clicking on this link.

For our part, in addition to complying with European consumer regulations in each of the countries in which we operate, we use national returns and guarantees can be found here.

Our transparency, personalized contact and after-sales service, has led us to be the online store of reference for thousands of users, all our incidents and guarantees are processed directly by us without intermediaries. We have our own technical service to repair or monitor your warranty RMA.

You will have a direct European guarantee from the manufacturer, we have our own technical service as well as collection processing and RMA so that any problem with your guarantee can be dealt with in the simplest and fastest way.

When you have a problem, your product will be processed in your country, you will not have to send it to a third country and the guarantee will be processed as quickly and as close to your home as possible.


informaticabarata.com works directly with manufacturers and wholesalers. Our selection of products focuses on offering a high standard of quality, in order to avoid manufacturing incidents, in addition to having a good selling price.

All those products that do not allow to offer a good price to the customer or do not have the appropriate guarantees adapted to the European or particular regulations of each country where we operate, we remove them from our online store

We do not sell any product that is not approved for European sales standards with the corresponding CE mark. You can find out more about these standards by clicking on this link.

informaticabarata.com does not sell on any marketplace or third party sites, to avoid applying a margin surcharge on the sale to offset the payment of the broker or marketplace. We sell from the manufacturer to the end customer, avoid middlemen, reduce costs.

We also do not currently accept payments by intermediary payment platforms for two reasons: it increases the final price of the product and on the other hand these platforms were created for purchases on websites in countries where consumer legislation is foreign to the country where the buyer resides. Our online shop is supervised by the consumer authorities of Estonia and the EU, your purchases will always be covered by the relevant rules with all your rights and guarantees without the need for intermediaries


If you are a private individual or a business, the invoice will be issued with the VAT corresponding to the place where the transaction takes place.

If you are an intra-Community CIF company, you should contact us by the form so our department can get in touch and you can hand over the necessary paperwork for discharge.

We recommend that you read our F.A.Q to clarify any questions you may have or simply contact us, by phone, WhatsApp or contact form so we can help you resolve your doubts.

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