Product warranty

All products offered in are new and are covered by a legal warranty of three years for users in Spain and two years for users in any country of the European Union, from delivery of the product. The guarantee offered is valid in all countries of the European Union according to the sale of consumer goods established by European Directive 199/44/EC

What's my guarantee?

The guarantee offered during the period, for all products, will protect you from any inconvenience to what is contained in the sales contract and the description of the purchased product. It also covers you if a product you have purchased does not work from the start or if the products you have purchased do not comply with the sales contract, i.e. the product does not correspond to the one you have purchased, are not suitable for the uses to which products of the same type are used, do not conform to the description or do not have the qualities assured by the seller.

How do I process my guarantee?

As a seller, we will help you process any warranty on your products so that the manufacturer of a solution within the particular conditions of your product. From your customer area you should contact us to request the guarantee or RMA.

Usually, before the warranty is processed, a technician will contact you to assess the incidence and check the malfunction of the product. Once this is done, you will be emailed an RMA sticker that you need to print and paste onto your product packaging.

It is important that you always send the product in its original packaging and with all its accessories, keep in mind that if the product arrives damaged by the transport you will be responsible, so take the time to prepare everything well. Please note that carriage of warranty material is not accepted.

What if my product is defective or doesn't work?

If the product is defective or does not work, the manufacturer will normally replace the product with a new one or repair it within the individual product warranty that is included with each item you receive.

If the product is defective and cannot be replaced by a new one like the one you already have due to stock issues, you will receive a full refund of your purchase using the same payment method you ordered. If the order has been placed and paid for against payment, you will be refunded to a bank account you provide, minus the commission surcharge for shipping against refund.

The usual time for a breakdown usually does not reach a maximum of two weeks, in any case we will notify you promptly of the situation of your breakdown or replacement, trying to expedite its resolution in the least possible time that is in our hands. You can also track the status in your customer area.

What about the data I have on the device?

Please note that the product warranty does not cover the data or software you have stored. If the product is replaced, you will not be able to recover it and if it were repaired, the manufacturer's technical service may have to test it and reset it.

It's best to back up your data if you can, because that data is very likely to be lost.

What happens if I send an item that has been tampered with or is not broken?

Please note that the manufacturer will review the product within the specific conditions of each product detailed in its purchase document. The manufacturer's warranty shall not, as a general rule, cover articles which have been handled, misused, beaten, wet, etc.

It could also be the case that the item works correctly within its specifications so a technician before sending it will check with you that the failure really exists but will not be able to check the condition of the product or if it has been manipulated.

Please note that if the manufacturer rejects the warranty for any of these reasons, or if you send a device that works correctly, the manufacturer will ask you to collect the product by your own means or will charge for the return of the product in due time.

Do gift or discount items have a guarantee?

All products are guaranteed. If you have obtained a discount, gift or promotion, the product will have the same guarantee as any other and will be governed by the specific product conditions defined by the manufacturer and the general conditions set out here.

The warranty terms set out here are for end customers. Resellers shall have the guarantee offered by the manufacturer.