Payment methods and orders


All our orders must be placed from the on-line page, for this you need to register with your personal data and the shipping address where you want to receive your order.

Remember to check your contact phone correctly, it is very important so that we can contact you if necessary.

How to pay for orders?

BY BANK TRANSFER; or account income. Once the order has been placed, you will receive an e-mail with the account number where you can make the deposit, either by bank transfer or by bank transfer.

Please note that confirmation of transfers may take up to 48 hours, depending on the bank. If the deposit is made directly at the bank window, it appears instantly or if the transfer was made from the same bank.

BY CREDIT CARD: you can make secure payments by credit card; you must fill in the form with your credit or debit card details. The charge in this mode is instantaneous. If your institution does not accept the charge, the payment platform will notify you immediately and automatically confirm when the charge has been satisfactorily paid.

FOR REIMBURSEMENT: the reimbursement may be selected for orders below 900 euros, it will only be valid for Spain peninsular area, not available in the Balearic Islands. This service has an additional cost of 4% on the purchase price. Always keep in mind that when you select this method of payment, the delivery time will take 24 working hours more from the time you make the purchase confirmation, and that you must have the cash and ready for when the deliveryman arrives; keep in mind that the deliverymen usually do not carry change and dataphone for card payment so it is important that you have the cash right. The delivery guy won't give you the package or let you handle it unless you've paid him. Any voluntary return of the product will not be refunded. It is very important if you have selected your payment by this method to be attentive to your mobile or contact phone because otherwise they can verify the data the order will not be processed and will be canceled, so you would have to make the order again selecting another form of payment. You can also pay for your order if you choose to pick it up at the post office.

PAYMENT FOR BISMUTH: payment by Bizum is also made instantly through Bizum's secure platform, i.e. as soon as you make the payment by Bizum it will be processed as the confirmation is instantaneous. Remember that to make online purchases you have to have Bizum's password enabled so that it will be requested. For more information, contact your bank or bizum to follow the instructions on the app of your institution.

PAYMENT IN INSTALMENTS OR FINANCED: The payment system offered through Cetelem is a quick-financing system for orders over €90. Through cetelem customers can acquire the products offered in to pay them in monthly installments. The website is completely independent of Cetelem and the payment terms agreed between the customer and Cetelem. These conditions shall be shown to the customer before acceptance. The customer will be able to choose the fees and the acceptance of the financing will be made by Cetelem which may, according to its criteria, reject the operation. Cetelem makes the terms and conditions available to its customers before the customer accepts the transaction. For any questions or further information, you can check their website