what does financing with consist of ?

We offer you the possibility of financing your purchases through Cetelem. This finance company is independent from and all applications for acceptance are based solely on their criteria.

You can find more information on their website

You can always review the conditions and terms before confirming the application for financing with cetelem.

what do I have to do to apply for the financing of my purchase?

The financing of your purchase is requested at the end of the current shopping cart. You will make the purchase as usual and at the end of the order you will have the option to select the deferred payment method with cetelem.

are the financed products also delivered within 24h?

The shipping process of financed orders depends on the approval of Cetelem, in this case it is complicated that the confirmation is processed on the same day. It is not usually delayed but the maximum term is seven days so we advise that if you are in a hurry to get the product, select another form of payment that suits faster delivery times; how can be card or bizum.

when I accept the purchase conditions, am I confirming the order and the financing conditions?

NO. All orders are confirmed under the conditions of purchase of by accepting these conditions do not become binding until you have approved a payment method and confirmed the same.

By accepting our conditions if you selected to pay by installments, you will be redirected to the cetelem page where you can configure the installments you want to request and you can accept and review the particular conditions of financing. You will also have the option to cancel the order with no obligation or commitment to purchase.

what is the process of accepting my financing request?

When you select the installment payment method, and complete the application on the cetelem website with the installments that best suit your interests, cetelem will confirm with you whether the operation has been validated or not, this confirmation period can take up to seven days. If the need to have the product is urgent, we advise you to opt for other forms of payment.

In any case, you can always contact Cetelem directly to clarify any doubts you may have about the financing.

can I know the total amount to be paid?

Yes, the process is simple when calculating the number of installments will indicate the monthly amount to be paid, simply multiplying the installments by the months chosen you will know the total price at which you are going to purchase the product.

will buying with financing affect my warranty or technical service?

NO, the conditions of purchase with as well as the guarantees of the products are independent to the form of payment. Your product will have the same warranty conditions as those purchased by other payment methods and the technical service available is exactly the same. You will have to contact for any action related to the warranty, doubts or technical service you need.

if i have any doubt can i consult with an expert before?

As always is available by direct phone, mail and WhatsApp during the business hours indicated on our website. We appreciate that you always contact us for any questions you may have before placing your orders, we will be happy to assist you. Our sales representatives know the financing conditions and will be able to solve any questions you may have.