- Sponsorship program

Earn discounts quickly and easily, recommend us to your friends and contacts and for each purchase they make you will get discounts for your next purchases. You will be able to accumulate them up to twelve months.

In addition, if your friends recommend our site to their contacts you will also earn discounts for the referrals your friends have made.

  1. Go to the sponsorship program from your client area
  2. Share with your friends and contacts, you can customize the message
  3. They will receive an email with a link where they can register
  4. on their first purchase your friends will automatically receive a 5¤ discount on their order!
  5. Once the purchase is done you will get your discount of 1% of the purchase amount
  6. Encourage your friends to share with their network of friends.

You can also share in your social networks, blog, or forums your email or code so that when a customer registers they can enter it in the registration form, this way you can also sponsor these new contacts and get discounts on their purchases.

You can get your link to share and your code from the sponsorship program section.

Also from there you can read the general conditions of the program, track your shipments, your referrals' purchases and the status of the mailings. You can also contact us from thecustomer form if you have any questions.


can I send as many contacts as I want?

Yes, you can send your referral contacts to register on our site and buy from us. Please note that if you engage in spamming or contacting people outside of your friends, your account may be closed and the discounts obtained from them cancelled. For more information review the program policies from your client area.

can I track the status of the emails sent and my promotions?

Yes, from your user panel you will be able to track the status of your promotions as well as the status of the emails sent to your friends.

You will also be able to see the status of the contacts sent by your friends to their potential sponsors, who will also be able to benefit you in the form of a discount in case they make a purchase.

do the accumulated discounts have an expiration date?

Yes, the maximum time to use it is 365 days after the discount is assigned, which is done once the order has been confirmed and delivered to your sponsored friend.

will my referred friends be able to benefit from the discount easily?

Yes, all your referred friends will receive a discount of five euros on their first purchase, which will be applied directly without having to take any other action. They only have to register from the link that you send them, share on your social networks or by entering your email or referral code when they register at

start sharing and earning discounts for your purchases!