General bases

Organizing company.

The promotional actions are promoted by Technoloigal Projects OU. Promotions are published in the online store owned by Technological Projects OU.

Scope and duration of competitions

Contests and promotions will be held throughout Europe. No other contestant from an area other than the European Union may be awarded the prize. The start and end dates will be defined in each promotion.

Start and end dates will be detailed in each of the promotional actions

Special conditions

Only adults may participate. Special promotions shall be specified in each promotion. The prizes awarded in each promotion may not be exchanged for money.

Selection of the winner

The winners will be selected by objective software executed by INFORMATICABARATA.COM on all contestants that establish the established rules of the contest.

The winner or winners will be notified by email or private message from the social network where the draw is published. All winners will be published on the website of and on their social media.

If the winner cannot be contacted within three days of the draw, the alternate will be selected according to the same criteria as the winner.

If this alternate could not be contacted or any of the winners would forgo the prize would declare the contest deserted.

The winner will receive a discount code to place the order for free in our online store. That code shall expire 14 calendar days.

Acceptance Bases and Responsibility

Participation in promotional campaigns implies acceptance of the general and specific principles of each promotion. reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or modify the promotion at any time or declare the prize void. In that case include the explanations for that decision on the website and channels where the winners of each promotion are notified.


With regard to the winners who may be from Spain we will pay attention to the law Law 35/2006 of 28 November and the Royal Legislative Decree 4/2004 all prizes derived from promotional actions are subject to tax. the relevant deductions required by law, not including such deductions in prizes below €300. The winner is responsible for meeting his tax obligations if he is a resident of Spain.

If the prize exceeds 300€, the winner must provide his tax information and sign the tax declaration that will be sent to him before receiving the prize.

The remaining winners will comply with the tax provisions within the subject matter of each country or EU common.

Protection of personal data

The personal data collected in the promotional actions will be collected under the privacy and treatment regulations indicated in our online store. .What.


The promotion and its grounds are subject to the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.